A Kano-based Muslim group, Muslim Youth Forum, describes a report by Sahara Reporters, which equates the migration of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with that of the self-identified Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, as unethical, criminal and insensitive.

The controversial online news medium published a report by Afenifere, a pro-Yoruba organisation, comparing the two different journeys. In reaction to that report, the Muslim group urges all Nigerians to desist from making any utterance, which can create chaos, confusion and hamper the volatile nature of the country.

“Most Northerners have not known or care to know about Igboho and his criminal activities. However, it was on record that he spearheaded attacks on many innocent Northerners who reside in the South, just in the name of ethnicity, barbarity and criminality. He was praised and cheered by many ethnic jingoists and thugs in the country who see him as a champion of the Yoruba agenda. We didn’t mind what he was doing, though it was painful to see humans acting like animals and being applauded by other criminals”, the group says.

“We are surprised by the actions of Afenifere or whatever they are called who made the analogy. Are they representing an obnoxious, dissenting Christianization agenda? Are they representing evil Christians? Good Christians never say anything bad about any religion”, the group adds.

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The group finally called on all well-meaning Nigerians and all Muslims not to take the law into their hands and call on the government and leaders to take action as this wrong move can throw the country into a state of anarchy. Muslims tolerate many things against their personality but not sacrilegious attempts to tarnish the image of their noble Prophet. This action alone can make Sahara Reporters lose value among the teaming followers it has laboured to gather over the years.

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