By Dr. Bello Shehu Abdullahi

Success in this life, be aware, is never accidental. You might have been told that you can’t succeed by your hard work. Of course, everything is fate-driven and all things are presupposed by the divine will of our creator. However, let me tell you that the requirements to succeed in whatever thing you do cannot be by accident. Even those born with silver spoons put a number of things into action, if not themselves, at least, their parents have. As such, one crucial thing to be warry of in relation to success attainment is the need to put in place the four inter-dependent entities below.

You might be curious to know these ways to success, or you have even been battling with a way to get yourself successful in your career with ease? While there may be no easy way to success in life, getting the below points borne in your mind could make you achieve it with super ease.

• Determine
Simply put, I’ll define determination as ‘the penchant to get something done.’ Your ability to get this attribute stuck into yourself or get yourself engulfed with a very high will to succeed in your endeavours is the very first step you need. Fate apart, if you have no determination to get something done, it is only in rare illogical and mysterious cases that something—whether good or otherwise—comes your way. With this awareness, then, you need to be determined in achieving that principal or minor goal of yours. Your ability to be determined will not only make you get prepared for the ups and downs of the process but would also—even at the very least—enrich your mental dexterity to be psychologically self-sufficient in your dealings.

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Let’s say you’re a high school or college student and you’ve been informed of the complexities of your course of study and the extensive research rigour one needs to excel in it. These got you scared and stuck in self-doubt. ‘Can I really make this?’ you have asked yourself. One thing I’d tell you is to imbue a very strong determination to achieve that acclaimed unachievable feat while erasing the very first self-doubt in you. With this, you set a rigid way forward to success for yourself. Do you know what you need next?

• Dedicate
Determination to achieve a feat—perhaps a ground-breaking one—isn’t sufficient. While you determine to achieve a certain goal, you as well need to dedicate yourself to the very requirement to achieve such a goal. For a student, needless for me is to say you need to study hard and get acquainted with both the theoretical and practical aspects of your course of study. Your own case might not be for education, but business. You too need dedication. See, the very first time you start your business, highly probable it’s that you might experience some kinds of cons than pros. The ability to dedicate your time and identify the cause of this would eventually give you joy. Your feasibility study might be weak, or even the analysis of the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business might be unstably inaccurate. If this happens, then, dedication sets you free from these ilks of economic worries. While you’re dedicated, you also need this.

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• Persist
Persistence, the ability to bear every adventure and discovery you’re exposed to in the course of doing something, is what you need next. In pursuit of success, you find yourself at a level where no one else can convince you not to quit. Some even have committed suicide due to a lack of persistence. If your adventures and discoveries are life-threatening, the spirit to persist gives you a perpetual fruit you could never have imagined. In your experience as a student, tests, assignments, seminar and class presentations, sleepless nights, etc. are all that you battle with and make you result in quitting. See, if you quickly make that wrong decision, you don’t only waste your spent time and resources, but also ruin the very near success you have determined to have and have dedication for. So, while you’re determined and dedicated, make sure you persist with all the hurdles of your career. Don’t forget you want to achieve this.

• Succeed
Yes. This is exactly what you want to achieve. Success. You strive and tirelessly sacrifice to be determined in order to be successful. You don’t only get determined, you also dedicate everything you have for success. In fact, despite your experience of many trials and hurdles, you persist in that lane. And, now, this is SUCCESS. This is the end product of the tireless agitation. Largely, if you ever dream to be successful in life, one thing I’d want you to bear in mind is these things above. You determine, dedicate, persist and so you succeed.

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