By Muhammad Sabiu

Police in Ghana have on Monday issued a warning to religious leaders against giving false prophecies for the year 2022.

The security service warned clerics against inciting dread in people’s minds in a statement titled “Communication of Prophecies and Their Legal Implications.”

The police say, “We, therefore, wish to caution all Ghanaians, especially religious groups and leaders, to treasures in their utterance, especially how they communicate prophecies, which may injure the right of other and the public interest.”

According to the police, false prophecies have caused public tensions, anxiety, and terror among citizens.

Religious organizations have the freedom to worship and communicate, but they must also respect others’ rights and freedoms.

The cops reflected on how forecasts of harm and death have put many people’s lives at peril throughout the years.

According to the press release, it is prohibited in Ghana to publish or repeat a statement, rumour, or report that is likely to cause fear and anxiety.

It’s also illegal to disseminate incorrect or misleading information that could jeopardize the effectiveness of life-saving services or jeopardize the safety of anyone.

The Ghana Police Service wishes to unequivocally state that it is not opposed to predictions. “We understand that we Ghanaians are religious people who recognize and believe in the centrality of God in our lives,” the police added.

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