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A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Prof. Mamman Lawan, has described government’s interference in court’s decisions as one of the major challenges facing judges in Nigeria.

Prof. Mamman Lawan  stated this Tuesday, 4th October, 2022 during a one-day seminar organized by Faculty of Law, Bayero University, Kano, in collaboration with  Bn Baaz, Kariya and Naseeha Foundations.

The seminar held at Islamic Forum of Nigeria Hall, Farm Center, Kano, was themed: “Justice as a Panacea to Insecurity in Northern Nigeria.”

He decried how big office holders and politicians stick their noses into the courts’ decisions, thereby making it difficult for judges to do justice in their decisions.

Lawan stated: “Politicians used to interfere with the courts decisions and spend millions of naira in the cases they have interest in.

“Therefore, judges and lawyers need to know that it is ethically wrong to collect bribe and do injustice. Without justice, there would be no society and there would be chaos and insecurity.”

Govt needs to increase allowance for judges, lawyers to tackle corruption

Corruption roams our courts today and affect their decisions. The reason was believed to be unconnected with poor salary and allowances by the government.

One of the Judges confidentially told the TDR reporter after the event that the monthly salary of judges is between N100,000 and 180,000 and N125,000 as furniture allowance after every four years.

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Lawan said that there is a need for government to increase allowance for the Nigerian judges and lawyers to tackle corruption in the courts.

He added, “Government does not provide our judges and lawyers with enough allowances to halt corruption in our courts.

“This will help stop the judges from taking bribe from any politician,” he suggested.

Lawyers contribute to injustice in Nigeria

Also speaking, the Kano State High Court Judge, Justice Saminu Nasiru, blamed Nigerian lawyers for contributing to injustice in court decisions.

He said, “For this reason, it has become necessary for lawyers and judges to fear God and to remember meeting with their lord in the day of judgment.”

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